Shakespeare's Demonology

Marion Gibson and Jo Ann Esra

DOI: 10.5040/9781472500403

ISBN: 9780826498342

Shakespeare's Demonology draws attention to the difficulty in categorzing terms that thrive on ambiguity and by their very essance are undefinable. The dictionary defines demonological terms in relation to the literature, theology and social practices of Shakespeare's time and offers analysis of the ways in which demonolgical thining informed Shakespeare's imagery, characterization and plotting. In addition to demonlogical terms, over 50 of Shakespeare's characters are discussed in relation to demonology.

This volume in the long-running and acclaimed Shakespeare Dictionary series is a detailsed, critical reference work examining all aspects of magic, good and evil, across Shakespeare's works. Topics covered include the representation of fairies, witches, ghosts, devils and spirits.

'The authors show passionate attention to Shakespeare's language, a sound grasp of the historical and social background, and devoted bibliographical trawling . . . This is a delightful and useful volume.' Marina Warner, Birkbeck College, University of London, Around the Globe