Shakespeare's Books

Stuart Gillespie

DOI: 10.5040/9781472555328

ISBN: 9781472572929

Shakespeare's Books contains nearly 200 entries covering the full range of literature Shakespeare was acquainted with, including classical, historical, religious and contemporary works. The dictionary covers works whose importance to Shakespeare has emerged more clearly in recent years due to new research, as well as explaining current thinking on long-recognized sources such as Plutarch, Ovid, Holinshed, Ariosto and Montaigne. Entries for all major sources include surveys of the writer's place in Shakespeare's time, detailed discussion of their relation to his work, and full bibliography. These are enhanced by sample passages from early modern England writers, together with reproductions of pages from the original texts.

Now available in paperback with a new preface bringing the book up to date, this is an invaluable reference tool.

'Stuart Gillespie's remarkable book belongs on the shelves of all academic libraries and in the hands of all serious students of Shakespeare.' Shakespeare Quarterly

'A rich array of information, laid out with care, and presented with precision. Even seasoned scholars will learn a significant amount from this volume.' European Journal of English Studies

'No scholar should be without it, and no student should neglect it.' Review of English Studies