Nicholas Potter

DOI: 10.5040/9781472555052

ISBN: 9780826494337

Othello is a major Shakespearean text, studied widely and often adapted for film and TV and is especially challenging for a multicultural society. Othello lends itself to criticism through discussion of the major characters although this study also focuses on recent criticism's analysis of the characters as "signifiers". The study of the key characters takes the discussion of the text immediately into the central issues of "otherness", gender, race and power.

"Each book in the 'Character Studies' series edited by Ashley Chantler is a recommended pick for high school and college-level libraries alike, providing fine literary analysis through concept of character which makes this an excellent choice for drama as well as literary students." -Midwest Book Review

'Great starting points for first-timers, and food for thought for familiars.' - Will Sharpe, The Shakespeare Bookshop Newsletter

Potter's study is that of a well-read author who opens our eyes to new aspects of the characters of the play. The Year's Work in English Studiesl, vol 89, No. 1