John Osborne's Look Back in Anger

Aleks Sierz

DOI: 10.5040/9781623566210

ISBN: 9780826492012

Look Back in Anger is one of the few works of drama that are indisputably central to British culture in general, and its name is one of the most well-known in postwar cultural history. Its premiere in 1956 sparked off the first "new wave" of kitchen-sink drama and the cultural phenomenon of the angry young man. The play's anti-hero, Jimmy Porter, became the spokesman of a generation. Osborne's play is a key milestone in "new writing" for British theatre, and the Royal Court-which produced the play-has since become one of the most important new writing theatres in the UK.

'An indispensable and comprehensive survey of this iconic play's history.' Dominic Cooke, Artistic Director, Royal Court Theatre

Briefly reviewed in the Year's work in English Studies journal, vol 89, No. 1 'Sierz not only brings us up to date with current critical debates and controversies about the play ... but also discusses notable recent productions of the play and includes useful extracts from new interviews with actors such as David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Emma Fielding'