Michael Davies

DOI: 10.5040/9781472554956

ISBN: 9780826495921

Arguably Shakespeare's most famous play, Hamlet is studied widely at universities internationally. Approaching the play through an analysis of its key characters is particularly useful as there are few plays which have commanded so much critical attention in relation to "character" as Hamlet. The guide includes: an introductory overview of the text, including a brief discussion of the background to the play including its sources, reception and critical tradition; an overview of the narrative structure; chapters discussing in detail the representation of the key characters including Hamlet, Gertrude and Ophelia as well as the more minor characters; a conclusion reminding students of the links between the characters and the key themes and issues and a guide to further reading.

'Great starting points for first-timers, and food for thought for familiars.' - Will Sharpe, The Shakespeare Bookshop Newsletter

"...a lot to offer teachers...a very illuminating commentary on the text, not just on the character...Davies is full of stimulating ideas the undermine our long-standing assumptions about the play...There is so much in this little book that is of value not just to the academic reader, teacher or taught, but to producers, actors, and, should its till exist, the educated reading public. And editors too..." The Use of English, Summer 2009

Briefly reviewed in the Year's work in English Studies journal, vol 89, No. 1 'A student friendly book which makes accessible a fairly sophisticated type of literary analysis'