Future Indefinite

Noël Coward

DOI: 10.5040/9781408168745

ISBN: 9780413773937

'I found myself talking about England so very proudly, though I was talking about England in the war years when her gallantry and common sense were marred by emergency. It is all very confusing. I think I had better get after Future Indefinite and get some of my confusion down on paper.'

This second volume of Noël Coward's legendary autobiography includes Future Indefinite and the unfinished Past Conditional. With his celebrated panache, Coward shares anecdotes about his South American travels, Hollywood encounters and his later theatrical successes, including the Broadwy triumph of Design for Living. Aside from the showbiz glamour, we discover a middle-aged man coming to terms with a world in disarray; his confused feelings towards the war expose the more serious and thoughtful side of performer and raconteur more usually associated with frivolity. Nonetheless, the events described in Future Indefinite see Coward transformed into one of the most exuberant characters in British theatrical history.