Creative Shakespeare

Fiona Banks

DOI: 10.5040/9781474243285

ISBN: 9781408156841

This unique book desribes the ways in which educational practitioners at Shakespeare's Globe theatre bring Shakespeare to life for students of all ages.The Globe approach is always active and inclusive - each student finds their own way into Shakespeare - focussing on speaking, moving and performing rather than reading. Drawing on her rich and varied experience as a teacher, Fiona Banks offers a range of examples and practical ideas teachers can take and adapt for their own lessons. The result is a stimulating and inspiring book for teachers of drama and English keen to enliven and enrich their students' experience of Shakespeare.

I'm pretty impressed with a new book from Bloomsbury about the Globe's Education work. In Creative Shakespeare, Fiona Banks describes the ways in which educational practitioners at the Globe bring Shakespeare to life for students of all ages . . . It's practical and informative . . . give it to all your director/practitioner/teacher friends for Christmas. The Stage

Creative Shakespeare is not only a book of fantastic teaching ideas: it's also a great read for anyone who is interested in Shakespeare as theatre and Shakespeare in education . . . Just as the Globe theatre has the potential to bring Shakespeare's plays to life for its audiences in this very particular way, so these workshop techniques have the potential to lift the text in the classroom from the page in a very powerful way . . . It's difficult in this short space to convey a sense of the richness of this book and of the depth of experience which has produced it. It's more than a resource book: it's a book that every teacher of Shakespeare should read. Teaching English

In pedagogy, Fiona Banks's Creative Shakespeare: The Globe Education Guide to Practical Shakespeare is a rich resource of educational tactics for students of all ages, although elementary and secondary teachers will find it most useful. Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama

Fiona Banks, a leading member of Globe Education for many years, approaches the teaching of Shakespeare seriously. There is no patronizing, no spoonfeeding, but respect for students and their intellect … Banks expresses the purpose of the book quite clearly, and anyone who has ever been engaged in this sort of work will emphatically agree. The Shakespeare Newsletter