Coward The Playwright

John Lahr

DOI: 10.5040/9781408163023

ISBN: 9780413480507

'Noël Coward,' said Terence Rattigan, 'is simply a phenomenon, and one that is unlikely to occur ever again in theatre history.' A phenomenon he certainly was, and it is part of John Lahr's purpose in this book to show how that phenomenon called “Noël Coward” was largely Coward's own careful creation.

Lahr's penetrating critical study of Coward's drama investigates all the major and minor plays of the 'Master'. In all Coward's plays Lahr uncovers a coherent philosophy in which charm is both the subject of Coward's comedies and the trap which made his very public life a perpetual performance.

'A smashing, thoughtful and very good guide to Coward's plays' - Sheridan Morley