Bone Cage


To Tessa Mendel, who both dramaturged and directed the first production of Bone Cage. Thank you for your tough, insightful questions. Your unwavering belief in my work these past fifteen years has been a lifeline.

This play was written with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. A first draft of Bone Cage was commissioned by Mulgrave Road Theatre through a Nova Scotia Arts Commissioning grant.

The playwright gratefully acknowledges the support of Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre, the National Arts Centre's On the Verge 2005, Exodus Theatre, ScriptLab (Toronto), Playwrights Workshop Montreal, Theatre B.C. National Play Competition 2002, Forerunner Playwrights Co-op, Ship's Company Theatre, and Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage.

Special thanks to: Andrea Dymond, Natasha MacLellan, Pamela Halstead, Tessa Mendel, Philip Adams, Jenny Munday, Paula Danckert, Janis Spence, Leah Hamilton, Laura McLauchlan, Karen Klee Atlin, Lenora Steele, Chris Heide, John Dunsworth, Christine Birnie, Angela Rebeiro, Annie Gibson, Jodi Armstrong, Don Hannah, Peter Rogers, Garnet C. Banks, Tom Banks, Dan and Diana Banks, Claudia Mitchell and my parents Garnet and Kathleen Banks.

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