Stage Combat Arts

Christopher DuVal

DOI: 10.5040/9781472527967

ISBN: 9781472526656

The art of armed and unarmed stage combat thrills actors and audiences alike the world over. This book details many of the foundational techniques used by actors studying stage combat and actor-movement disciplines. A variety of specific training exercises are described that connect the actor's imagination to a cohesive and meaningful actor-training curriculum – integrating stage combat with the actor's process of developing a fully embodied awareness of the physical life of the character.

Developing physical awareness and dexterity is an essential component of an actor's training and rehearsal processes. Engagement, connection, the ability to listen and respond with authenticity, clarity, flexibility, intentionality, tactical response, variety are all helpful aspects for the actor studying combat movement.

With practical exercises and expert advice, Stage Combat Arts allows the actor to further hone their emotional connection and extension, breath and voice, intention and focus, movement and freedom, and their ability to connect physically to imagery and text – disciplines that are at the foundation of actor-training – all through the art of combat movement.

'I've had the pleasure of working closely with Chris DuVal as both actor and fight director; his theatrical instincts are unerring, and his intelligence and heart shine through in this useful book Bill Rauch, Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival . . . I encourage you to add this book to your shelf today. It is an indispensable asset and an invaluable tool for integrating acting, voice, and movement technique in teaching the combat arts.' From the “Foreword” by Paul Dennhardt Professor, Illinois State University, USA