Plays by Nick Leather

All the Ordinary Angels

Bloomsbury Publishing
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All The Ordinary Angels is a comedy of treats and dirty tricks in the world of ice-cream, as a family business becomes a family feud.

When ice-cream man Giuseppe Raffa decides it’s finally time to come in from the cold and retire, he sets his two sons in competition with each other. The winner will gain the family business; the loser will be left with nothing. Supported and obstructed by Rocco’s wife Bernie and Lino’s girlfriend Lulu, their fight for the hearts and money of the people quickly becomes deadly serious. It is a lively and satirical story of love, competition and selling ice-cream in rainy Manchester.

All the Ordinary Angels premiered at the Royal Exchange Theatre in 2005.

Billy Wonderful

Bloomsbury Publishing
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A play about fathers, sons and football, Billy Wonderful is a fast-paced coming-of-age play pulsing with all the excitement and physicality of match-day.

As one-time boy wonder Billy Walters relives his debut in a Merseyside derby at the age of nineteen, ninety minutes cut across twenty-two years and fellow players become family and friends, enemies and lovers. Both Billy and the play are consumed by football: match commentators hover over his life, and fans shout their chants over the scenes. Billy flickers between an eager and hopeful child, self-satisfied young man convinced he is at the top of his game, and a slightly older but disillusioned drifter, desperate not to miss out on his dream and end up like his father.

Billy Wonderful is a captivating story of fame and fortune, disappointment and family. The play premiered at the Liverpool Everyman in 2009.

Nick Leather’s debut stageplay All The Ordinary Angels was produced on the main stage of Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre and won the Pearson Award for Best New Play, whilst Billy Wonderful was produced at the Liverpool Everyman and his popular children's drama Rocket’s Island is broadcast on CBBC. His other television work includes Justice (BBC1), Jimmy McGovern’s Moving On (BBC1), Stepping Up (CBBC/BBC1) and Secrets and Words (BBC1).

In 2012, he won the Writer’s Guild Award for Best Episode Of A Continuing Drama for his work on Hollyoaks. He created the Radio 4 series Cottonopolis, and his other radio work includes The Domino Man of Lancashire and Wednesdays with Strangers (both Radio 4), and A Northern Elegy (Radio 3). He has previously been Playwright-in-Residence at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Screenwriter-in-Residence at Lime Pictures, and Writer-on-Attachment at the Royal National Theatre, as well as developing a number of original projects for BBC Television, Lime Pictures, LA Productions and Creative England.