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The Mystery of Maddy Heisler

Playwrights Canada Press
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As a young man in the midst of World War II, Jacob fell in love with an older woman and began a rapturous affair, until she seemingly vanished. As strange things start to happen around him, a familiar young woman appears at Jacob’s house with a mysterious notebook. The past doesn’t stay buried and the mystery of Maddy Heisler is revealed. With secrets and lies, lovers and spies, Jacob will never be the same again.

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Daniel Lillford has been an actor and playwright for 28 years, working in Australia and Canada. He has had over 30 productions of his plays produced (garnering several awards) in Australia, Canada, the United States and Scotland. Daniel Lillford and his wife Rachel, who together left Australia in 1997, live in Nova Scotia, on the Annapolis River, with their three sons, Harry, Jesse and Rupert.