DOI: 10.5040/9781408164112.00000004
Scenes: 72. Roles: Male (28) , Female (18) , Neutral (0)

A rich epic work, Victoria is a trilogy in one play: three separate but interweaving narratives forming a vast and bold panorama. The same actress plays three women who witness the shifting political and social history of Britain in the twentieth century, their lives shaped by the dramatic events in a rural community on the Scottish coast.

In 1936, a restless Victoria is preparing to emigrate to America. She is eager for her lover Oscar to come with her, but he is caught up in an ideological struggle against the Fascist heir to the local estate.

In 1974, an American geologist named Vicky crashes from the sky into the hillside while Oscar tries to turn the stately home into a college.

And in 1996, the spoilt Victoria lives in a world of environmentalism and smooth PR, and tries to trace her past lives and her heritage.

A joyous, erotic and poetic epic spanning three generations of rich and poor in the Scottish Highlands, Victoria was first performed in 2000 at the Pit, Barbican in London.

From Victoria


Bloomsbury Publishing

David Greig

ISBN: 9780413750907

Series: Modern Plays

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