Songs of Grace and Redemption

DOI: 10.5040/9780571285440.00000009
Scenes: 20. Roles: Male (3) , Female (2) , Neutral (0)

- I had a dream where every time I ever did anything or went anywhere or said anything, people would say: 'Someone else just did that, you're just copying them aren't you?' Turns out I never had a single original thought my whole life. How scary is that?

- That's funny. I had that dream too.

In the city, there is who we are and who we want to be. Five desperate people make life-changing decisions to rescue themselves – and each other – through random acts of kindness.

An urban fairytale of house wine, home porn, maps, cats and heavy metal, Songs of Grace and Redemption premiered at Theatre 503, London in 2007 in a production by Liminal Theatre.

From Songs of Grace and Redemption


Faber and Faber

John Donnelly

ISBN: 9780571240937

Series: Faber Drama

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