Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 2: Circle Of Blame

Detritus litters the stage. Order must be restored. Trials / hearings.
Senator These hearings are an attempt to investigate America's largest corporate bankruptcy. What happened, why did it happen and who is responsible for it happening?
Those responsible are present around the outskirts of the stage, maybe some sort of a circle: Lay, Fastow, Ramsay and Hewitt, Arthur Andersen, the Board. But not Skilling.
A light moves from player to player as they speak.
Arthur Andersen wrestles his dummy into acquiescence.
Skilling enters the hearing.
Senator With due respect, Mr Skilling, I'm not going to ask you to help. Let me put something to you: is it a matter of coincidence that a few months after you left Enron the company collapsed?
Senator Do you have personal worth of more than a hundred million dollars?
Senator Would that be surprising to you to learn that you had that?
Senator And how do you feel about the employees whose families have lost their life savings?
Senator You donated any of that money to employees?
Senator And you don't believe you've done anything wrong?
Gavel bang three times.
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