Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 4: The American Spirit

Skilling gives a speech to Employees.
Skilling Our stock is so strong. So strong that I think all employees should have the opportunity to benefit. I want to extend the stock option to everybody. From the mail room all the way up.
Employee Why be paid in stock and not cash?
Skilling Because if you're invested in the company you work for you are literally investing in yourself – it is an act of beliefin yourself. Which you should all have. Because, I believe in you. So, grab that opportunity. Now, tonight's a big night for us. I hope you've all voted. I don't know if you know, but we got a local boy in the race(!)Laughter. They are now looking up concentrating on an image of America on screens.Election coverage:The screen goes red.INDIANA CALLED FOR BUSH.+ 12.They cheer.Screen turns blue.VERMONT CALLED FOR GORE.+ 3.They boo.FLORIDA.They inhale.TOO CLOSE TO CALL.
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