Enron by Lucy Prebble

Scene 2: The Purge

One of the Raptors runs towards Roe and chases her out of the building.
After a moment, Lay enters Skilling's office, looking pained.
Skilling Did you do it?
Skilling I felt she had to hear it from you.
Skilling She wouldn't have taken it seriously from me.
Skilling I'm good, thanks.
Lay gives him one anyway.
Skilling Regarding what?
Skilling I didn't want to have to bring those figures to your attention. I know they didn't look like much –
Skilling Sure.
Skilling Sure.
Lay bows his head in prayer, his hands together. He closes his eyes. Skilling copies him.
After a few moments, Lay has not spoken. Skilling opens his eyes. He watches Lay, not sure what to do.
He watches Lay, fascinated.
After a little while, Lay stops his silent prayers and raises his head. Skilling immediately tries to bow his to make it look like he hadn't stopped.
Skilling It's a privilege.
Beat. Lay touches Skilling on the shoulder. It's a paternal, almost saintly action, but takes Skilling by surprise.
Skilling We really gotta get deregulation moving –
Skilling But that's how we're gonna make our money. If he doesn't come through –
Skilling You can do what you want, Ken.
He drifts off. Pause. Skilling picks up the cigar left him.
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