Hotel (Churchill)

Nick Hern Books
Type: Text

Hotel is multidisciplinary performance piece with a libretto by Caryl Churchill, music composed by Orlando Gough and choreography by Ian Spink. It was first staged in a production by Second Stride at the Schauspielhaus Hannover, Germany, on 15 April 1997. Churchill had previously collaborated with Second Stride on Lives of the Great Poisoners in 1991.

Hotel is in two parts. In the first, Eight Rooms, fourteen people – tourists, couples, business people – spend an ordinary night in a hotel. But they all occupy the same space, and their stories overlap and interweave creating a collage of words, voices, music and movement. In the second part, Two Nights, a dance piece, we see two nights happening at the same time. Two people find different ways to disappear, while a diary found in the hotel room tells of another extraordinary disappearance.

In an introduction to the published text, Churchill writes 'In Eight Rooms each of the thirteen singers is a different character; in Two Nights they all sing a diary that has been left in a hotel room. The silent performers in Eight Rooms now play two people who spend different nights in the same room.'

The Second Stride production was directed by Ian Spink and designed by Lucy Bevan. It was performed by a company of thirteen singers, two dancers and three instrumentalists.