The Night Watcher

DOI: 10.5040/9781580819213.01

Duration: 1:47:33

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Playwright/performer Charlayne Woodard is a force of nature, and in The Night Watcher she finds a new way to explore her “mother” nature. Woodard describes her life as half of a childless couple, finding herself mysteriously drawn to second-hand parenting. With wisdom and wit, Woodward’s acclaimed one-woman show strikes a chord for the longing of motherhood.

Written and performed by Charlayne Woodard. Directed by Stuart K. Robinson. Recorded by L.A. Theatre Works before a live audience.

Featuring: Charlayne Woodard

From Night Watcher, The


LA Theatre Works

Charlayne Woodard

ISBN: 9781580819213

Series: L.A. Theatre Works