DOI: 10.5040/9781784601300.20000006
Scenes: 7. Roles: Male (6) , Female (8) , Neutral (0)

Fin Kennedy's Stolen Secrets is a collection of short, dramatised urban fairytales – bold, lyrical and often gleefully gruesome – that can be performed individually or together, according to the needs of any production. It was developed in collaboration with students at the Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets, East London, and first performed by students from the school on 11 August 2008 at Venue 45, Edinburgh, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was the second play presented by Kennedy and the Mulberry School for Girls, following the success of Mehndi Night in 2007.

The play comprises seven sections: Intro, Pillow Fight, Make 'N' Mend, Mrs Jones, Not a Girl, My Silent Sister and Outro. In an author's note to the published edition, Kennedy explains that the sections can be 'performed individually or omitting one or two, allowing different running times but without greatly affecting the overall narrative. (However, if two or more secrets are to be performed together I would recommend retaining the Intro and Outro for use as a framing device.)'

Kennedy also writes that 'It was a deliberate decision not to write another overtly ‘Asian play’ after Mehndi Night. Instead, we used a direct-address ensemble storytelling style to place the cast as narrators on the stage action – thereby freeing them up from the naturalistic necessity of having to play characters who look like themselves. In this way, a group of mostly Asian, teenage girls were able to play cocky young men, elderly white women, policemen, fathers and brothers.'

The premiere production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was directed by Julia Voce and Camille Cettina and designed by Kollodi Norton. It was performed by Parvin Akhtar, Nabilah Begum, Rabia Begum, Kim Hashi, Sultana Islam, Munirun Nessa, Yasmin Sadek and Fahmida Siddika.

From The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping and other plays


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Fin Kennedy

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