DOI: 10.5040/9781408169582.00000013
Acts: 3. Roles: Male (12) , Female (6) , Neutral (0)

Pontagnac, good friend of Vatelin, desires Vatelin’s wife, Lucienne, so much that he will betray his friend’s secret: that his friend betrayed his wife with another woman, Maggy. But will that give Pontagnac enough leverage to turn Lucienne towards his desires?

In his introduction, translator Kenneth McLeish writes: 'Sauce for the Goose (Le Dindon), which enjoyed a long run at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal in 1896, is a characteristic 'well-made' grand vaudeville, with a lunatic second act framed by gentler material. It is, however, driven by character. Each person is clearly individuated and the differences between Redillon and Potagnac or Lucienne and Clotilde make the point that two individuals can share the same approach to life, or the same response to unexpected events, but show it in entirely different ways.'

From Feydeau Plays: 1


Bloomsbury Publishing

Georges Feydeau

ISBN: 9780413761705

Series: World Classics

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