Another Time

DOI: 10.5040/9781580816182.01

Duration: 1:49:10

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  • 002_Act One Part One.mp3 0:20:05
  • 003_Act One Part Two.mp3 0:10:47
  • 004_Act One Part Three.mp3 0:20:43
  • 005_Act Two Part One.mp3 0:16:44
  • 006_Act Two Part Two.mp3 0:12:37
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Starring Stacy Keach, Another Time is a deeply human and complex drama. The play alternates between 1950s Cape Town and contemporary London, weighing the price a gifted musician’s single-minded devotion to his art exacts upon his relationships with his family.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Lars Carlson, Stacy Keach, Alice Krige, Miriam Margolyes and Jeffrey Jones.

Featuring: Lars Carlson, Stacy Keach, Alice Krige, Miriam Margolyes, Jeffrey Jones

From Another Time


LA Theatre Works

Ronald Harwood

ISBN: 9781580816182

Series: L.A. Theatre Works